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Painting North Carolina
A Visual Journey
by Kimberlee C. Maselli
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"Painting North Carolina"
A Visual Journey

160 pages full of colorful paintings of North Carolina

A perfect Coffee Table Book, or excellent gift idea!

In this book you will be treated to a magnificent selection of both studio and plein air works by nationally recognized and locally renowned artists. From their personal comments you will discover what attracted them to various scenes while learning about locations throughout the state. You may have had the opportunity to view photo books and tourist guides featuring North Carolina, but there is nothing as
enlightening as seeing the locations you love or have always wanted to visit through an artist’s eye. The artists’ view adds a whole new dimension and enhances our ability to appreciate our surroundings. The paintings within these pages remind us of the extraordinary beauty that surrounds us every day.

With paintings by:
Brenda Behr • Scott Boyle • Allison Chambers Lynda Chambers • Diana L. Coidan • Judy Crane • Karen Lee Crenshaw • Wyn Easton • Lou Everett • Sharon Forthofer • Dorothy (Dodi) Groesser • John Groesser • Jean Kolb Grunewald • Ann K. Hair • Nicole White Kennedy • Rose S. Kennedy • Kimberlee C. Maselli • Rick McClure • Karen Meredith • Charles Movalli • Dan Nelson • David R. Oakley • Frank Pierce • Jeff Pittman • Patricia R. Pittman • John Poon Mike Rooney • Marsha Sams Thrift • Dan Vaughan • Lori White • Dawn E. Whitelaw • Richard D. Wilson, Jr. • Jimmy Craig Womble II

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Painting North Carolina Book with NC Artists from across the Mountains, Piedmont, and Coastal Plains.